Our Net-Positive Home in Long Beach, California

Living the Change We Want to See in the World in Our Green Dream Home

  • Let's Try This Again

    It's been over six months since our last post. If this blog is your only source of information on our progress, you might have thought that we were is a state of dire straits. You wouldn't be that far off.

    OK, perhaps I'm over dramatizing our situation.

    We are going to reboot this blog and some of our website. We hope to be more regular in our posting to this blog because we are going to use it to document our story from the perspective of the present. Fortunately, our present situation is that we live in our Green Dream Home. That much good has happened over the last six months. The blog will restart at Day Zero, the day that we saw that the Christiansen's home was for sale -- May 20, 2014.

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